Green Lantern

Green Lantern

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Green Lantern is our newest IB blend. Composed of Green, White and Gold strains with a touch of the elephant strain, it’s sure to produce a smooth and balanced aroma. The blend’s inspiration comes from a clear desire for the amazing mental aroma of the powerful greens and the known fast burning aromas of the mighty whites. Great for any time of the day, but especially for that afternoon pick me up.

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2 reviews for Green Lantern

  1. Marchosias

    Tried GL for the first time. Dripping with alks, its smooth. Has legs, not overly powerful. Not too stimulating or relaxing. Perfect Mid.

  2. Peyton I.

    Left work after a long day and straight to the mailbox (fortunately they are only about 500 feet from eachother), went straight for the Green Lantern.
    Toss and washed about 2 teaspoons, 30 minutes passed, another teaspoon. (Approx 6 grams) It took awhile to kick in, a little longer than most for me, but when it did I felt a full body warmth, a gooood clean energy, followed by the relaxing euphoria when I finally settled down shortly after chores. About 5 hours later and I’m still feeling comfortable and no urge to redose, but will probably follow up my evening with Counting Sheep (; catch my reviews there later!

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