Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da

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Green Maeng Da is unlike any other strain. While still popular, it doesn’t get as much recognition as the white and red Maeng Da. It really shouldn’t be overlooked since it contains some of the best noted benefits from the white and red strains, but with the added effect of peaceful energy and an increased social aspect. It’s incredibly smooth, and a great middle road between the red and white.

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2 reviews for Green Maeng Da

  1. chris998760

    I waited a while before reviewing and this is the best Green Maeng Da I have found. Consistent quality one order after another. So refreshing to find a supplier with such commitment. Everything good about a green is in these batches.

  2. peteza1968

    Another great strain from IB. The perfect balance between uplifting and euphoric. I’ve tried Green Maeng Da from other suppliers and they simply don’t match the quality of IB. Great product great service. Do yourself a favor and stick with IB you’ll never be disappointed. Just say’n.

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