Red Bali

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By far, Red Bali is one of the most popular Kratom strains available. This long lasting, full-bodied red is a staple for red vein fans looking for that distinct aroma.

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6 reviews for Red Bali

  1. austin

    A very pleasant full body experience, a great one to burn towards the end of the day to unwind. Mild analgesia for a red, very mild in fact. Very impressive mood boost, within minutes of burning comes a sense of well-being and calm, very positive.

  2. Mason

    This was the best red Bali I’ve ever had, unbelievable Quality !! Awesome mood boost with calming effects but not too much, perfect for daytime pain relief for me.

  3. Usernametaken

    I LOVE Red Bali. This Red Bali is some of the Best I’ve had!! For Me, it’s Not Sedating. It can be used during the day. It has an UPLIFTING Aroma and Helps Me with Pain. I’ve never posted reviews on any other vendor’s site. IB’s strains DEFINITELY STAND OUT! Give ‘em a TRY. I think you’ll be HAPPY You did. An All Around WONDERFUL Vendor!!

  4. Leigh

    Excellent for mood uplift, pain relief, yet without heavy sedation.

  5. wehauljunkllc

    After dealing with years of inconsistent quality from so many other vendors, I was gonna call it quits….Then I found IB! This Red Bali is the best Ive ever had. I like mixing half and half with their Gold Bali;)

  6. ottolaurie6

    Just got this strain in. It’s helping my pain/discomfort AND has a lovely, unexpected clarity to it!

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