Solar Flare

Solar Flare

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Solar Flare is a blend that consists of a proprietary mixture of 3 unique strains. This blend is made up of Maeng Da’s Red, White, and Gold The goal in this blend is to create a gentle aroma of pain relief and happy energy.

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7 reviews for Solar Flare

  1. mitchsadler1074

    I have talking many different strains to help with pain from arthritis, Solas Flare is by far the best I have taken. I have shopped at a few different companies, Inland Botanicalsllc is on my top list, awesome customer service and great variety of products. Mitch.

  2. tyrelleraymer

    The solar flare is hands down the best blend I’ve had anywhere! Also the best pricing and customer service! From order to my mailbox on 2 days. If you are going somewhere else you are wasting your time and money! Great job Inland Botanicals!

  3. Quincey D. Thomas

    As a Kratom newbie, I decided a blend would be a good way to get a feel for the effects Kratom has on me. 5 grams of Solar Flare for the first time got me where I needed to be. Taken on an empty stomach, it gave me a much-needed mid-afternoon mood lift and energy boost. It also helped control my more destructive cravings. I wouldn’t say it’s as potent as other analgesics, but Solar Flare is definitely a formidable weapon in the fight against chronic pain. Also, need to thank Inland Botanicals for the prompt delivery. The service there is friendly and excellent. I look forward to trying some of the other starter packs I bought.

  4. Usernametaken

    I’ve reviewed a few strains on here and they have all been 5 STARS. I know some people are Skeptical when All or Most of the strains are Highly Rated on a Vendor’s Site. ALL of My Reviews are Honestly based on My Experience with a strain. I’m NOT COMPENSATED for rating strains 5 stars nor do I believe any other people are. The
    Kratom from IB Surpasses that of some other vendors that I’ve tried. It’s a REAL TREAT and I’ve been able to Cut My Dose since IB’s Kratom is STRONGER! I’m SO GLAD that I heard of IB after Reading a Review on a Forum I’m a Member Of. With all that being said I’ll talk about SOLAR FLARE, lol. I just received My Delivery From IB about 1/2 hour ago. I Ordered MANY strains but I Immediately Opened SF. I was in a lot of Pain Due to Crohn’s Disease and Severe Neuropathy. After using 3 grams of SF and 2 grams of White Bali My PAIN was GONE within 15 minutes. I probably could’ve used only 3 grams but I get EXCITED when I get a New Shipment. I wrote in My Review for White Bali that I rarely get Much Mood Lift From ANY Kratom. Well, that has Changed for the Better. I’ve noticed that I Do Get Mood Lift with many strains from IB. Solar Flare gives me CALMING ENERGY and I Become MORE SOCIABLE. I Really Like How Each Strain is Described. I get the Desired Effects that are Detailed in Their Blends. This is Something New For Me.

  5. kmathews_74

    Very nice. 3 grams in the morning (6am) with a banana protein shake and a shot of coffee and I’m good pretty much for the rest of the day. Then about 2 grams of yellow brick road around 3pm for a boost, yet a gentle one, then I’m set for the evening. Great customer service and packaged well. Fast delivery too! Thanks IB

  6. Chris

    I think the prices on this site are kind of high when comparing to other great vendors… HOWEVER, this blend right here is AMAZING. Best blend I have had to date. It never fails to give me just what I’m looking for. Its a warm, comfy, great after work feeling. I grabbed a few small samples from a 3rd part website, and this Solar Flare truly stood out from the pack.

    Sure, these blends are a bit pricey in comparison to some places. But you wont be disappointed with the quality! The Yellow Brick Road is great stuff too, and my buddy told me he likes the Green Lantern very much. If your thinking about buying the solar flare, just pull the trigger, and do it already! Again, ive been doing kratom for years… and this is a superior blend. And I have had countless maeng da blends. This one takes the cake all day long.

  7. marissaforesta

    Wow! This blend is amazing and my new favorite. I bought a little of everything and this was the first I tried from inland so far,but it has made me so excited to try the rest. Also my package came in 2 days even though I ordered it on a holiday, and customer service is top notch. Amazing. Very relaxing. Relieved my cramps that usually have me curled in a ball in agony and unable to sleep

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