The Bulgarian

The Bulgarian

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The Bulgarian blend consists of a propitiatory mixture of 4 unique strains. We’ve included three Maeng Da strains (White, Green, and Red), with a touch of Elephant to bring out the best in each one. The goal of this blend is to create a strong “Get Things Done” aroma.

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8 reviews for The Bulgarian

  1. Carrie

    This blend is the best I’ve ever had. The energy and focus is there but with a sense of calmness throughout.
    I tackled my weekend errands with ease and peacefulness even while dealing with the busiest highway in America (the 91).
    I don’t give reviews because everything is kind of the same for me but this blend deserves a huge shout-out!

  2. Reese

    This is a very nice, smooth blend. I agree with Carrie above, after about 3 years of regular use, everything becomes “kind of the same” but every now and then a blend like this one stands out from the rest. It didn’t do much for my hubby though (who is only an occasional partaker of this herb) but everyone is different. I take it every day and this works for me! ; )

  3. Justin Channel

    Best Kratom, I have had in some time! Anyone who is tired off the normal, must try

  4. kmathews_74

    My husband burned it this morning before heading to his hectic/stressful job. Before he left he said he felt a good, clean, focused energy and was ready to face his day. Thanks Nathan and Gina. When samples are sent, it definitely helps to decide, yes, I like it and will purchase.

  5. aj.klinger21

    Ordered some White Maeng Da, Solar, and Green Lantern from IB, they also threw in a snippet of this which was much appreciated! Excited to try this as i really enjoyed the White! Great fast shipping too, so felt i had to chime in as a newbie. Will be ordering here again, thanks guys.

  6. peteza1968

    After trying different strains and different suppliers for the last couple of years, I’ve found that The Bulgarian is not only the best Kratom l’ve ever had hands down, but Inland Botanicals has literally the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, Gina and Nathan are always a joy to deal with…and always super fast shipping. I’ll never order from anyone else as long as they’re around.

  7. Clairesse

    I was sooo skeptical about Kratom despite my friends’ testimonies to its positive effects. My friend sent me home with 4 grams of this blend one night and on my next day off I decided to try it. AMAZING. Caffeine doesn’t generally work for me, surgery drinks just give me the jitters without waking me up, The Bulgarian kicks my ass in the morning and makes me feel focused and awake. There is no harsh come down from it, though I can feel when I’m starting to peter out after about 8 hours. I have ADD, ADHD, depression/bipolar. It keeps my thoughts together and positive. I’ve taken MANY different pharmaceutical cocktails (prescribed by my psychiatrist) and none of them have had these wonderful effects on me. Medication generally makes my state of mind much worse, I’m so thrilled to have found something that works at last.

  8. Amber Silva

    Gives a nice kick of energy and focus. Customer service is amazing and shipping was fast. Ordered on Saturday and it was here on Monday. I just placed my second order with them and can’t wait to try the other blends.

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