White Bali

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From Bali, Indonesia, this white strain provides a great balance of energy and focus, along with the relaxing properties of a classic Bali.

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1 review for White Bali

  1. Usernametaken

    I use kratom for just about everything it can help with. I have a Debilitating Depression (MDD) it interferes with every aspect of my life. I Very Rarely get much Mood Life from Any kratom. I was VERY Pleasantly Surprised when THIS White Bali made me FEEL HAPPY ?!! It’s by far the BEST White Bali I’ve had. It gave me CLEAN ENERGY and FOCUS. Absolutely NO jitters even Helped with My Anxiety. Nathan and Gina are both Personable and it’s clear they want to Take Care of Their Customers!! So glad I heard about Inland Botanicals!! Some of the Most Potent kratom I’ve had. Oh, did I mention that processing and shipping are quick too?! Btw I also Mix 1/2 White Bali with 1/2 Red Bali and that Works Great for Me.???

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