Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

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This is one of our favorite afternoon proprietary blends. This strain has a unique blend of green, yellow, & gold veins, hence the name. Yellow Brick Road has a very peaceful aroma with mood-boosting properties.

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8 reviews for Yellow Brick Road

  1. Mason

    Yellow brick Road is fabulous to come home to after a physically & mentally challenging day at work!
    If you need something that will help you “leave your work at work” I would try this blend ! Thanks Nathan for the recommendation and TOP NOTCH products ! 🙂

  2. lauraaundem

    Yellow Brick Road is the best Kratom we have ever had! If the prices weren’t even as amazing as they are, these blends would be enough to bring me here over anywhere else! I also loved the quick shipping and personalized packaging. Great service!

  3. kate_ellerbrock

    This is my first time trying inland botanicals. I read the reviews on this strain hoping I would get the same experience. I took it before I had to run errands and I felt so calm and stress free. This is probably one of the most mellow blends I’ve ever tried with out leaving me tired. Love it!!

  4. mase2690

    This strain definitely surprised me with its strength and quick aroma. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for anxiety relief, also being very chill, without ruining motivation. Yellow brick road is must have!!! Oh, and did I mention my order was the quickest shipping ever!!! Inland Botanicals rocks!!

  5. Leigh

    I received a sample of Yellow Brick Road, and I’m back to purchase a whole lot more. Inland Botanicals are potent, high quality, and the blends, stunning. YBR is relaxing yet uplifting blend, one that is superior than any other blend of its kind I’ve tried. I don’t like using the term ‘euphoric,’ but I will say that the word comes to mind. Great blend, great Kratom, great vendor. Five stars and if I could grant it ten, I’d do so!

  6. Usernametaken

    YBR is a very POTENT strain! It’s great for insomnia. I halved my dose so that it wasn’t so sedating. I found it Highly Effective for Anxiety. This is ONE of My FAV IB Blends. I suggest if you’re interested in this Blend to go for At Least the 25-gram bag vs. the 10 gram cause Most Likely you’ll Be Back for More. Also, the price point is Better. Nathan and Gina are GREAT PEOPLE. It’s a Family Run Business and I
    L?VE to Support Small
    Businesses Like this. IB ROCKS❣️

  7. kmathews_74

    I burn this in the 3pm slump everyone has. Just gives me a relaxed yet subtle lift to finish the afternoon/evening off. Very nice and highly recommend

  8. Britni Villar

    Just tried Yellow Brick Road today. This is the best Kratom I have ever had. Within 30 minutes my pain and discomfort was gone and I became very relaxed but not sleepy. This is my new favorite blend.

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