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How do you choose the right strain of kratom for you? When there are so many varieties available, it can be overwhelming to decide what strain will benefit you the most, especially with all the misinformation out there. It’s key to understand that not all strains affect everyone the same. For example, while most people will have relaxing effects from red strains, some will find they have a slightly energizing effect. We’ve composed a brief explanation of each strain that we offer, highlighting the most desired effects among the majority of kratom users:

Red strains are among the most popular available, especially the Maeng Da varieties. Red’s are best known for their euphoric and pain relieving properties, and most find that they are best for end-of-day use. They assist with relaxation and relieving insomnia.

Green strains are typically known for their uplifting effects. They are smooth and balanced and great for mid-day use. Greens are perfect for that mild energy boost and mood stabilizing effects. They are also great for clearing brain fog and maintaining focus.

White strains offer quite the energy boost with uplifting aromas promoting alertness and motivation. Another benefit reported from white strains is a mild appetite suppressant with weight loss. Some contribute this to the abundance of energy and excitement experienced.

Kratom blends can be a wonderful alternative to your basic strains when you’re looking for the best of both worlds. We’ve created several blends that combine the pain relieving and relaxing properties of red strains, with the uplifting effects of green, white or gold strains. Each blend we process goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure we have the right combination containing maximum benefits. We also combine the majority of our blends with the elephant strain, which is best described for enhancing the qualities of each variety added.

When looking for a good starting point, most say that less is more. Most strains, even the white or green, will have a sedative effect at very high testing amounts. For new users, it’s suggested to start closer to 1 gram, and working up to the amount that fits your needs.

Disclaimer: This product is not FDA approved, and sold only as an incense or for research purposes.

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