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I’ve been ordering a kilo

I’ve been ordering a kilo of either yellow brick road, gold bali, or yellow maeng da from inland every 6 weeks for about 2 years now. If you want to deal with people that care about their customers and know how to run a business this is your vendor. I order on Thursday afternoon and it’s in my mailbox Saturday morning EVERY single time. I’ve dealt with an anxiety disorder since I was young as well as the aches and pains that come with a career as a glazier. Their yellow strains, especially certain batches of yellow brick road, are the remedy to my situation in spades. Yes you can find much cheaper product but it will fail in comparison; in my experience we are talking steak to a hamburger. Did I mention you place your order and it’s shipped within hours? That kind of service is rare these days and knowing you can count on a company to expedite your order immediately is gold in my opinion. If anyone is looking for a vendor I highly recommend you give them a shot. I still haven’t tried half of their strains because I know what works for me. If you like strains labeled yellow or gold this will be your new home. Thanks Inland for providing a service that I can count on.
– Jerrad


New Customer, Ray Q.

New Customer, Ray Q.

January 5th, 2020

Dear Inland Botanicals,

Firstly I want to say, I am a very satisfied customer!

I am pretty new when it comes to Kratom and I never before purchased any online.  I first heard about Kratom on a couple of different podcasts that I listen to while I work.  I do overnight warehouse work, so it’s a lot of long laborious hours.  It’s easy to get tired fast at my work, so Kratom sounded like something that might help with energy.  I found a tobacco and vape shop near my work that carried White Kratom so I gave it a shot and I loved it!  Specifically the White Maeng Da powder, but my local shop rarely had what I was looking for and I was stuck settling for another strain or capsules.  Finally, after weeks and weeks of disappointment, I decided to see if I could find a vendor online.

At first, it was more difficult than I expected.  I am new and therefore nieve lol so I started searching and researching, trying to find a safe and reliable website.  I found Inland Botanicals in a Discord chat room for US vendors of Kratom.  After spending some time reading through the website and customer reviews I decided to roll the dice on Inland Botanicals….and I am glad I did!!

On the Inland Botanicals website, I was able to find EXACTLY what I was looking for at a fraction of the price.  The delivery arrived in less than 48 hours from the time I clicked submit order on the website. Within those 48 hours, I received multiple emails from Inland Botanicals co-owner Gina Rodgers.  Gina was outstanding!  She responded to every email in literally minutes.  Like I said earlier, I am completely new to all of this…so Gina’s constant contact really helped me feel more comfortable with this new experience. Shouts out to GIna for the best customer service I’ve ever had.

Cut to Saturday, January 5th, my first shift using the Kratom from Inland Botanicals…the ultimate test.  I primarily use Kratom to give me extra energy and focus on work.  I did my normal morning routine of 4 grams with breakfast and 3 grams during my shift to help push me through till the end.  The White MD from Inland Botanicals was the best I ever had.   I felt energized, more focused and it didn’t give me that jittery feeling that inferior brands tend to have.

I guess the ultimate example of your product’s excellence is the length of this review hahaha Seriously though, I love this product and this company is great.  Gina was so helpful, the delivery came FAST, the product is exceptional and the prices are absolutely incredible.  I also have to make a point to mention the FREE GIFT.  After providing all of that top-notch service, I was given a free 10g of Green Malaysia powder. I’m blown away! I will be back again and again and again.

From a very grateful customer,

Ray Q.

IB Family Member

Inland Botanicals is the best vendor I have found in the two years I’ve been taking kratom for Restless Leg Syndrome. Their red strains, as well as Yellow Brick Road and Counting Sheep,  work wonderfully to put me to sleep and keep my Restless Leg Syndrome under control all night so that I can sleep deeply and peacefully. In addition to that Nathan and Gina are wonderful to deal with and no one can get the orders out as fast as they do.

Cliff, A IB Family Member.

I have not been taking

I have not been taking kratom for long, but have ordered from more than one place. After ordering from Inland I would not order from anyone else. The best product, service, people I have had the pleasure to deal with on line and on the phone. After being on medicine for years in LA and moving to a state that is so afraid to give meds, I wasn’t sure what to do. But finding kratom has helped alot. My partner says she notices a difference in me right away because I wasn’t in so much pain and it’s helped my mood as well. Solor flare and red maeng have made life so much better. Thank you being here we all need you and are happy to have found you. You are the BEST!!!

Sandra L.

Inland vs Others

After trying different strains and different suppliers for the last couple of years, I’ve found that The Bulgarian is not only the best Kratom I’ve ever had hands down, but Inland Botanicals has literally the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, Gina and Nathan are always a joy to deal with…and always super fast shipping. I’ll never order from anyone else as long as they’re around.


I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from Inland Botanicals for about 3 months now. I can’t say enough good things about them. Every order is shipped promptly and all of their product is top notch. I highly recommend their IB Blends as they are some of the finest strains I’ve ever purchased. I am grateful to have found them and plan to use them as my sole vendor indefinitely.


I was very impressed with

I was very impressed with the delivery and packing of the product. The quality is superior to other vendors. I will definitely be placing my future orders with IB.

Michele W

Gosh, where to begin! First

Gosh, where to begin! First off, we are talking about high quality, consistent product that is, therefore, reliable in its results. Second of all, let’s mention that their response time in acknowledging, filling and shipping one’s order is quicker than Amazon’s in my experience! I can also say how much I appreciate the free samples with every order. I don’t know of any other company that does that. But what always secures me as a loyal customer is their impeccable and effortless so to speak service. When they say IB family, they actually mean it. Any correspondence I have with them is like talking to an extended family member that I actually like! Haha. And to emphasize this point, if they asked me to Thanksgiving dinner, I would gladly accept! When one is as authentic and good-natured as these people, “professionalism” is not needed in ordinary terms if that makes sense. The line between customer and merchant is blurred and it’s more like friends reconnecting every time. I have complete trust in everything they say, do, stand by and sell. There is only one other company I can say that about-Chewy.com. It goes without saying, they are my favorite kratom supplier and I recommend them above all others. Thanks so much, IB-your biggest fan-Katie Love

katie love

Inland’s blends are the best

Inland’s blends are the best and most thoughtfully prepared I have had. There is also no company that can compete with the service they provide. I haven’t found anyone nicer than the owners of this company. They are a pleasure to work with. Kind and professional. You will not be disappointed in their product.

Nikket Myers

Best service, best products, fastest

Best service, best products, fastest shipping.

They answer their phone!!

Packaging is top notch and keeps the product clean during shipping and fresh when it gets here.

I tried a bunch of other vendors before finding Inland and I won’t shop anywhere else now!

Michael Dubay

Tried counting sheep on Nathan’s

Tried counting sheep on Nathan’s recommendation. Best nights sleep in a long time. No hangover, back pain relived. Slept great. A sceptic now a believer.


Over last year I’ve tried

Over last year I’ve tried multiple vendors all over and have had my share of good and bad experiences, lol Between becoming a nerd on strains and trying basically every incense from everyone I ordered from, for me hands down, Inland botanicals will be my #1 vendor from now on, they have the best quality I’ve ever experienced. I’m able to burn half of my normal burn with amazingly clean aromas. The order and shipping were extremely fast, I couldn’t believe it also, the packaging is quality which goes to show how far they go the extra . With awesome prices that are very affordable. Thank you Inland for being awesome!!


Were is the Customer Service these days?!?!

We ended up placing an order with you that day and you both were extremely helpful and accommodating. You were able to get our order out that Saturday and we actually received it on Monday! I have nothing but, great things to say about the Customer Service. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. Also, not to mention the product was surprisingly great as well and thank you for all the extra samples you included. I haven’t had a chance to try them all but, I’m sure they’re great as well. Nothing but great things to say about your service and product. Thanks again for everything,

An extremely satisfied customer

I have been so happy

I have been so happy with Inland Botanicals, and am so glad a friend told us about them. Even if the price weren’t half of what we were used to paying (which it is) I would order from here every time for their blends! The Bulgarian and Yellow Brick Road are amazing, and I really appreciate the chance to try something new with the samples (definitely a good idea on IB’s part!). And if it weren’t for the quality, price, and speedy shipping, we’d still return for the customer service. I just called this morning when I had some trouble getting the site to load (not a usual problem, don’t worry), I got a call back immediately and the problem was fixed right away and I was able to place my order to get it mailed out in time!

Thank you guys so much! I have definitely been recommending you guys to all our fellow kratom users!

Laura Undem

(Chief Maeng Da gives Inland

(Chief Maeng Da gives Inland Botanicals and the USPS an 11/10 on the shipping scale. His package was shipped on a Friday and handed to him by the postman at 11:30 the following Monday morning.)

Upon opening the package from Inland Botanicals, Chief Maeng Da reacted, “From land far away such nice colors. Chief keep aromas separate.”

A curious spirit, Cheif Maeng Da first placed The Bulgarian in his burner. And then the next day Chief Maeng Da chose to burn–The Bulgarian.

On the morning of the third day, Chief Maeng Da’s medicine man advised, “Chief Maeng Da, you should burn other incense. Your brain will build such tolerance to the aroma of The Bulgarian you will no longer realize how pleased you are with this bouquet.”

Chief Maeng Da hung his head in disappointment but not doubting his medicine man, replied, “the lotus of Vietnam may please me today.”

Connie Crowley

Inland Botanicals,

Inland Botanicals,
Nathan and Gina, I can not express enough, the gratitude and personal customer service you have given to me. My husband is so impressed with your products and incredibly excited when you sent him samples.
I have one more surgery left, it seems C wasn’t pleased with my offering of one breast, C is claiming the other. Fighting lymphoma with all holistic supplements and your products fought the pain as well as nausea.
Counting Sheep is AMAZING! SOLAR FLARE IS A MIRACLE!. I will be back next week as Red Bali calls as well as a little GREEN.
Thank you for all you provide,
I am so very grateful and will be back with an extensive order.

God’s love to you and yours,


Rebecca Rachel Morgan

After being disappointed by several

After being disappointed by several vendors, I decided to go with my gut and try Inland Botanicals. Wow, so glad I did! The Red and Gold Bali are superb. Yellow Brick Road is great as well. I am so happy to know that my hard earned money won’t be wasted! Thanks!

Chantelle Eittreim

I have to say I

I have to say I am very pleased doing business with IB.Thier customer service and product are top notch. Ordered Monday, shipped same day, received Wednesday. If you are hesitant to order, call them. Super cool family business. Included free samples. Thank Ya’ll from GA. K


Newest Member to the IB Family

I placed an order today and the customer service from you was great. Being new to the blends, I wasn’t sure what to order. Any questions I had by email were responded right back by your awesome sales department. After a few emails I still wasn’t sure so I talked to Nathan who explained what the benefits of each product would or wouldn’t be for my particular situation. He was very helpful explaining the products and shipping. After we talked, l logged on the friendly user website and had my order placed and done in just a few minutes. Your customer service is 6 stars out of 5 stars. Nathan informed me that my order was shipped about 30 minutes later. If your products are good as your customer service, I’d rate Inland Botanicals at the top of the list with another 6 out of 5 stars. Thanks for your awesome customer service.


I just placed my second

I just placed my second order!! After much research I decided to try Inland Botanicals. I had a spinal fusion three years ago and had accepted the fact I’d suffer for the rest of my life from a failed surgery. All this manifested into being depressed as well. I ordered 3 different strains to try. The White Borneo is so uplifting an energizing.
They shipped super fast and showed up a day earlier then expected. Customer service promptly answers any questions and I received some awesome samples. I would definitely recommend Inland Botanicals without a doubt.

Trina McLain

Kratom works great for Restless

Kratom works great for Restless Leg Syndrome, especially the red strains. Inland has good prices, quality products and wonderful service!

Clifford Hilbert

I have never experienced better

I have never experienced better customer service than I received from Inland Botanicals. When an issue with my order popped up, I received an email almost immediately with options to resolve the issue. I will continue to order from IB and recommend anyone looking for a reliable company from whom to purchase kratom look no further. Inland Botanicals Is Amazing!



After using your product, I think that I might be able to live a life of pain-free, for the most part, a life of energy and having a desire to want to get up in the morning sometimes or to want to start a project or to finish a project. Thank you for being such an amazing company, sending me my product so quickly in such a time of need. I just really appreciate all Inland Botanicals does for it’s customers.



I was first introduced to Inland Botanicals after sharing with a friend that I’d been feeling a little foggy in my thoughts, and that I wasn’t experiencing as much energy as normal. The professionals I was referred to thoroughly explained the benefits of each strain, so I felt well educated when making my purchase. Shortly after my first experience with the product, I realized clarity in thought and an ability to focus, something that I have not felt since starting a new job earlier this year.

Later, it was discussed that I try an additional Inland Botanical blend called “The Bulgarian” that may help provide the energy I was lacking. A couple of samples were provided, and I felt added and consistent energy that was not like previous supplementary energy products I tried. I am happy to report that the addition of Inland Botanicals to my daily routine has been a positive experience, and one I hope others will chose to experience for themselves.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with me! It truly has made a difference.


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